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It is time for a Fair Go

24 Jul 2018


Unfortunately, this year’s Federal Budget has failed to address many of the issues that are of real concern in our community – it’s a budget that has forgotten that everyone, no matter where they come from or what their circumstances deserve a fair go.

Eden-Monaro deserves better than this.

This Budget still has the Liberals $715 million cut to hospitals and $17 billion cut to schools.

They are cutting dental care for veterans, and they’re cutting the ABC again, and they are keeping Medicare frozen for specialist’s visits.

With over 100,000 people currently on the waiting list, they have failed to address the chronic shortage of home care packages and they are increasing the retirement age to 70.

It’s a budget that cuts money from our universities and contains a new $270 million cut to TAFE.

A Labor Government will do better than this.

Labor has proposed a plan that will bring back the Fair Go into our national policy.

It’s a plan to properly fund health and education, boost your wages and help your family budget with real tax cuts.

It’s a plan Labor can afford, because we’re not going to spend $80 billion of tax expenditure on big business and the big banks.

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