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05 Jun 2018

New data has revealed that under Labor’s Tax Refund for Working Australians, 65,000 people in Eden-Monaro will be up to $928 better off thanks to a bigger, better and fairer income tax cut.


Working and middle-class Australians will pay less tax with Labor, because a tax cut for families is more important than Malcolm Turnbull’s $80 billion tax giveaway to big business and the banks.


Everyone earning less than $125,000 a year will receive a bigger tax cut under Labor compared to the Liberals. More than four million people will be better off by $398 a year compared to the Liberals.


It is concerning that Turnbull and his government are so out-of-touch that they will give you a smaller tax cut while cutting your schools and hospitals funding, and be giving $80 billion to big business and the banks.


Together with Bill Shorten and our Labor team, I will fight for middle-class Australians, so they can pay less tax. Together Labor will deliver proper funding to local schools and hospitals, and we won’t hand over $80 billion to the top end of town.


Labor has launched a new website which will allow Australian workers to see just how much better off they’ll be under Labor’s plan for a bigger, better tax cut.


To find out what Labor’s plan means for you and your family, visit

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