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04 Aug 2017

I invited NSW Shadow Minster for Education, Jihad Dib, to join me in Murrumbateman today to hear directly from the community about the need for a local school.

As a fast growing satellite town of Canberra, many families are moving to enjoy the semi-rural lifestyle that Murrumbateman offers. The 2016 Census shows that there are 685 children aged 0-14 years in the town.

Most of these children are travelling, with their working parents, into the northern parts of the ACT to attend school. However, northern ACT schools are at capacity and no longer accepting interstate enrolments.

As a result of these cross-border issues, parents are forced to either drive their children to schools in southern parts of the ACT or the opposite direction into Yass.

Despite this, the NSW bureaucracy claim that there is insufficient demand in Murrumbateman to warrant the construction of a new school and advise local families to instead enrol their students in Yass schools.

Clearly the Berejiklian Government and the NSW bureaucracy have no idea about these cross-border issues or the work arrangements for most families in Murrumbateman – in most cases Yass is 20kms in the wrong direction.

I stand with Shadow Education Minister Dib in calling on the Berejiklian Government take another look at the demographics trends and listen to the Murrumbateman community about their work and commuter arrangements.

We are confident that if they get out Sydney and listen to the local community the Berejiklian Government will and understand that a school in Murrumbateman is long overdue.

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