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03 Jul 2017

Today I welcome the announcement by NBN of the data increase for NBN Sky Muster customers.

NBN was meant to be a good news story for the people of Eden-Monaro, as it has the capacity for all residents to be able to connect to high speed internet no matter where they live.

With 33% of all premises in Eden-Monaro only able to connect to the NBN via Sky Muster, I have been plagued with complaints regards slow speed and the high cost of the service.

To truly understand the depth of the issue, I recently held a NBN forum in Queanbeyan where over 100 people turned up to express their frustration with the NBN Sky Muster speed and cost.

Until now NBN Sky Muster customers have been paying the same price for a fraction of the service they receive.

Increasing the data cap is a welcome improvement but it doesn't address many of the other issues plaguing Sky Muster and the total lack of transparency by NBN.

Small businesses and households operating in regional and remote areas who have to use the Sky Muster system have had their data use rationed by Malcolm Turnbull's arbitrary "Fair Use" policy until now.

The deployment of Sky Muster satellite broadband in Australia has been far from exemplary and this has been compounded by a complete lack of transparency about assumptions around data allocation.

I will continue to listen to the community and push for the best NBN services for all residents in Eden-Monaro.

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