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04 May 2017

I am pleased to announce that Labor is calling for an independent expert to undertake an inquiry into the NBN Satellite service, Sky Muster.


Sky Muster should have been a good news story for Eden-Monaro by allowing rural and remote people with existing poor internet speeds and capacity to connect to the NBN.


Instead, with one quarter of premises in Eden-Monaro only able to access NBN through Sky Muster, I have been bombarded with complaints from constituents about the capacity, the cost and the drops out rates of the satellite.


Rural and regional people of Eden-Monaro should not be slugged with a costly and inefficient NBN service that puts them at further disadvantage to their city counterparts.


To add insult to injury, the Turnbull Government are now trying to push more customers onto Sky Muster as they begin to panic about cost and rollout timeframes of the fixed line network.


Over the long term, this will mean even greater restrictions on internet capacity for Sky Muster users.


The deployment of Sky Muster has been shielded by a chronic lack of transparency and an inquiry would establish what assumptions NBN are making about data needs, usage and allocation of services.


Labor is also calling on a new ‘Fair Use’ policy to increase the data allowances for Sky Muster customers.


A high capacity and cost effective NBN connection for all premises in Eden-Monaro is important for the prosperity of our region.

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